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International Version of Electric Circuit AR is here!

Click on the hotspot to check out the latest video on Electric Circuits


Each box set contains flash cards and license code to activate mobile app on up to 3 mobile devices to learn about electronic components and eletric circuits. Highly recommended for Physics or Science Classes, Home-based Learning and Revision. Prices exclude delivery within or outside of Singapore. Please include email or contact when you order. For enquiries and larger volume orders, please email to


Each box contains:

  • 25 Flash Cards including 10 components cards, 13 circuit cards and 2 references cards
  • Activation Code to unlock mobile apps (ios and Android) for 3 devices to provide augmented reality and gamification-based learning
  • Explanations and audio narratives
  • AR based circuit games

360ED Electric Circuit AR (Augmented Reality)

SKU: 979-8-9851444-1-3
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